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We owe the name and the concept of Atlantis to Plato. It was first mentioned in his dialogues Timaeus and Critias, where he claims to be reporting a conversation that had taken place between his ancestor, Solon, and an Egyptian priest. The dialogues tell us the overwhelming of a culture by a catastrophe which by modern chronology would have occurred about 9600 BC, at the end of the last Ice Age ____. Therefore, it’s hard for archaeologists to believe that it’s fictitious and this has given rise to a host of speculations about where Atlantis might have been and even to expeditions aiming to discover, vestiges of the civilization itself.

A.Atlantis was said to have been under the Atlantic Ocean in the accounts of Plato
B.Nevertheless, the story doesn’t appeal to the logical reader
C.In the dialogues, epic voyages in primitive craft proved that they could have sailed immense distances simply by drifting with the current
D.Atlantis was destroyed by a group of primitive huge creatures which had human intelligence but a body of a monster
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