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Struts 2 Quiz 1 | Englishfreetest.com

Here's the exercise 'Struts 2 Quiz 1 | Englishfreetest.com' about Technical Quiz - Technical Tests.

Put your knowledge about all things technology to the test Because everything tech, from computers and the internet to software and big data, changes rapidly on a day-to-day basis, it’s now a must to stay up to date with the technology that dominates our modern day lives. Are you up to speed on what’s going on in the tech industry today? Take our quiz to find out. Test how much you know about technology

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Content test:

A.POJO forms and POJO actions
B.Tag support
C.AJAX support
D. All of the above
A. Java Servlets
B.Java Server pages
C.Custom tags and Message Resources
D.All mentioned above
A. struts-config.xml
A.Internationalization (i18n) is the process of planning and implementing products and services so that they can easily be adapted to specific local languages and cultures, a process called localization
B.The internationalization process is sometimes called translation or localization enablement
C.Both of the above
D.None of the above
A. type=org.apache.struts.validator.DynaValidateForm
D.type=org.apache.struts.validator.DynaValid Form
A.Plain Old Java Object
B.Performance Old Java Object
C. Performance Optimize Java Object
D.None of the above

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