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  • Times: 20 minutes
  • Number Questions: 10 Question
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    A. It is better to avoid using navigational attributes from a query performance point of view
    B. If a navigational attribute is used in an aggregate, the aggregate needs to be adjusted every time there is a change in the values of this attribute
    C. An attribute included as a characteristic in the InfoCube has the same effect as being used as a navigational attribute in the cube
    D. A navigational attribute can be made to display an attribute without removing data from the InfoCube
    A. The table used to store the control parameters is ROIDOCPRMS
    B. Field max lines is the maximum number of records in a packet
    C. Max Size is the maximum number of records that can be transferred to BW
    D. All of the above
    A. It is not possible to delete a request from ODS after the request has been activated
    B. Deleting an (inactive) request will delete all requests that have been loaded into the ODS after this request was loaded
    C. Deleting an active request will delete the request from the change log table
    D. None of the above
    A. Performance of the ODS activation improves when the BEx reporting flag is switched to off
    B. Overwriting a data record is not allowed if the ‘unique’ data record flag is set
    C. Data targets are updated from the ODS regardless of the ODS activation status
    D. All of the above
    A. An attribute of an info object cannot be made navigational if the attribute-only flag on the attribute info object has been checkeD
    B. Navigational attributes can be used to create aggregates
    C. It is possible to make a display attribute to navigational in an info cube data without deleting all the data from the info cubE
    D. Once an attribute is made navigational in an info cube, it is possible to change it back to a display attribute if the data has been deleted from the info cube
    A. Attributes
    B. Hierarchies
    C. Text information
    D. Transaction codes
    A. To deliver structured information that the business user can easily navigate by using any possible combination of business terms to show the KPIs
    B. To make it easier for developers to build applications, that will be helpful for the business users
    C. To make it easier to store data in the database and avoid redundancy
    D. All of the above