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Practice Analyzing Arguments Online Test 4 | Englishfreetest.com

Here's the exercise 'Practice Analyzing Arguments Online Test 4 | Englishfreetest.com' about Logical Reasoning Quiz - Logical Reasoning Tests.

A logical reasoning test measures your ability or aptitude to reason logically. Generally, logical reasoning tests measure non-verbal abilities. What is a logical reasoning test? A logical reasoning test is an assessment that measures your ability to interpret information, apply logic to solve problems and draw relevant conclusions. It is typically non-verbal and in a multiple-choice format, and requires the use of rules and deduction to reach answers, rather than prior knowledge. That said, logical reasoning is actually an umbrella term for multiple types of assessment, and you may find you’re asked to take any one of the following five test types as part of a job application.

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Content test:

A.Majority of the people in the world do not want to go to a doctor
B.Food and medicine production is slow in developing countries
C.Food and medicine production should be increased in developing countries
D.Most of the people in developing countries are not getting enough food and medical care
A.Before joining a new exercise regimen, one should analyze his or her fitness needs
B.Most of the doctors are more concerned about making money instead of curing patients
C.The main determinants of health include physical, mental and social well being
D.The people of developing countries are not getting proper medical care
A.A sport is a major source of entertainment for the non-participants
B.Sports offer a rigorous form of exercise
C.In organized sports, records of performance are often maintained and for popular sports, these records may be widely announced or reported in sports news.
D.A physically and mentally fit person does not need to participate in sports.
A.Public felt that there was a complete lack of professional help to citizens in a city.
B.After the horrific terror attacks in the city last year, the government has taken many steps against terrorism.
C.Today, women are carrying pepper sprays; people are securing their houses through video camera and putting in place alarm systems.
D.On a global scale, after attacks like 9/11 and 26/11, terrorism has been highlighted.
A.With such new schemes, this government is striving for the inclusive development of the people of State X in political, social and economic spheres.
B.The Income tax department is set to issue fresh demand notices for payment of taxes to the tune of Rs 50 crore.
C.Much before the announcement of election date of ensuing Assembly polls in state, the income tax department has become active so as to increase its revenue from tax deducted at source.
D.In another development, I-T officers also conducted surveys at the offices and construction sites of the govt. projects.
A.Villagers here do not wear footwear and bathe in the river that leads to skin diseases and ear infection.
B.The Mobile Clinic concept received a boost after it entered into a partnership with the Government under the National Health Scheme.
C.Sometimes during floods when the river is in spate or when the water level is high, the service is aborted.
D.But it is the only men who have benefited most from the boat clinic.
A.stone tools were not really technology.
B.stone tools were in use for two and a half million years.
C.there is no way to know when stone tools first came into use.
D.In today's world, new technologies are constantly being developed.
A.the study of mathematics is dangerous.
B.words are more truthful than figures.
C.the study of mathematics is more important than other disciplines.
D.figures are sometimes used to deceive people.
A.police who do not warn persons of their Miranda rights are guilty of a crime.
B.a Miranda warning must be given before a police interrogation can begin.
C.the police may no longer interrogate persons suspected of a crime unless a lawyer is present.
D.the 1966 Supreme Court decision in Miranda should be reversed.
A.juries are less important today than they were in colonial times.
B.jurors today are less interested in court cases than they were in colonial times.
C.courtrooms today are more efficient than they were in colonial times.
D.the jury system in America has changed since colonial times.

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