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Hive Quiz 5 | Englishfreetest.com

  • Times: 20 minutes
  • Number Questions: 10 Question
  • By: englishfreetest.com

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    A. NULL is returned
    B. Error is reported
    C. Partial results are returned
    D. NA is returned
    A. hive.limit.optimize.enable
    B. hive.limit.enable.optimize
    C. hive.optimize.enable.limit
    D. hive.enable.limit.optimize
    A. can be same as the name of another table in the same database
    B. cannot be same as the name of another table in the same database
    C. cannot contain a number
    D. cannot be more than 10 character long
    A. Create a new version of Hive
    B. Add the .class Java code to FunctionRegistry
    C. Add the .jar Java code to FunctionRegistry
    D. Add the .jar java code to $HOME/.hiverc
    A. Automatically drops the file
    B. Automatically corrects the data
    C. Reports Null values for mismatched data
    D. Does not allow any query to run on the table
    A. Takes one or more columns form a row and returns a single value
    B. Takes one or more columns form many rows and returns a single value
    C. Take zero or more inputs and produce multiple columns or rows of output
    D. Detects the type of input programmatically and provides appropriate response
    A. It cannot read the file
    B. It reads only the string data type
    C. it throws an error and stops reading the file
    D. It returns null values for mismatched fields
    A. comes Before the sort by clause
    B. comes after the sort by clause
    C. does not depend on position of sort by clause
    D. cannot be present along with the sort by clause
    A. serialize and Desrialize
    B. serializer and Deserializer
    C. Serialize and Destruct
    D. serve and destruct