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Hadoop Quiz 5 | Englishfreetest.com

  • Times: 20 minutes
  • Number Questions: 10 Question
  • By: englishfreetest.com

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    A. hdfs fsck / -files -blocks
    B. hdfs fsck / -blocks -files
    C. hdfs fchk / -blocks -files
    D. hdfs fchk / -files -blocks
    A. All the namenodes are actively serving the client requests
    B. Only one namenode is actively serving the client requests
    C. A failover is triggered when any of the datanode fails
    D. A failover can not be started by hadoop administrator
    A. No replication is happening in the data nodes.
    B. Replication process is very slow in the data nodes
    C. The frequency of replication in data nodes is very low.
    D. The number of replicated copies is less than as specified by the replication factor.
    A. Can be used only for HDFS storage
    B. Can be used for both HDFS and non-HDFs storage
    C. Cannot be accessed by non-hadoop commands
    D. cannot store text files
    A. Decommissioning the namenode
    B. Decommissioning the data nodes
    C. Decommissioning the secondary namenode
    D. Decommissioning the entire Hadoop cluster
    A. Datanodes
    B. Secondary namenode
    C. Checkpoint node
    D. Never
    A. Avro is a java serialization library
    B. Avro is a java compression library
    C. Avro is a java library that create split table files
    D. None of these answers are correct
    A. HDFS filesystem can be mounted on a local client’s Filesystem using NFS.
    B. HDFS filesystem can never be mounted on a local client’s Filesystem
    C. You can edit a existing record in HDFS file which is already mounted using NFS.
    D. You cannot append to a HDFS file which is mounted using NFS