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GWT Quiz 3 | Englishfreetest.com

  • Times: 20 minutes
  • Number Questions: 10 Question
  • By: englishfreetest.com

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    A. This provides name of the application.
    B. This adds other gwt module in application just like import does in java applications. Any number of modules can be inherited in this manner
    C. This specifies the name of class which will start loading the GWT Application
    D. None of the above
    A. This method will clear any existing styles and set the widget style to the new CSS class provided using style
    B. This method will add a secondary or dependent style name to the widget
    C. This method will remove given style from the widget and leaves any others associated with the widget
    D. This method sets the object's primary style name and updates all dependent style names
    A. RPC, Remote Procedure Call is the mechansim used by GWT in which client code can directly executes the server side methods
    B. GWT RPC is servlet based
    C. GWT RPC is asynchronous and client is never blocked during communication
    D. All of the above
    A. GWT is extensible and custom widget can be created to cater to application needs
    B. GWT applications can run on all major browsers and smart phones including Android and iOS based phones/tablets
    C. Both of the above
    D. None of the above