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BootStrap Quiz 5 | Englishfreetest.com

Here's the exercise 'BootStrap Quiz 5 | Englishfreetest.com' about Technical Quiz - Technical Tests.

Put your knowledge about all things technology to the test Because everything tech, from computers and the internet to software and big data, changes rapidly on a day-to-day basis, it’s now a must to stay up to date with the technology that dominates our modern day lives. Are you up to speed on what’s going on in the tech industry today? Take our quiz to find out. Test how much you know about technology

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Content test:

A. Applies a CSS fade transition to the tooltip
B. Inserts HTML into the tooltip. If false, jQuery's text method will be used to insert content into the dom
C. Specifies how to position the tooltip (i.e., top|bottom|left|right|auto)
D. Delegates to the specified targets
A. nav, .nav-tabs
B. nav, .nav-pills
C. nav, .nav-pills, .nav-stacked
D. nav, .nav-tabs, .nav-justified
A. Bootstrap uses Normalize to establish cross browser consistency
B.Normalize.css is a modern, HTML5-ready alternative to CSS resets
C. Normalize.css is a small CSS file that provides better cross-browser consistency in the default styling of HTML elements
D.All of the above
A.Applies a CSS fade transition to the popover
B.Inserts HTML into the popover. If false, jQuery's text method will be used to insert content into the dom
C.Specifies how to position the popover (i.e., top|bottom|left|right|auto)
D.Delegates to the specified targets
A. Content: Determine what is most important
B. Layout: Design to smaller widths first. Base CSS address mobile device first; media queries address for tablet, desktops.
C.Progressive Enhancement: Add elements as screen size increases
D. All of the above
A.nav, .nav-tabs, .menu
B.nav, .nav-tabs, dropdown-.menu
C.nav, .nav-pills, .dropdown
D.nav, .nav-pills
A. img-rounded
C.None of the above
A.It specifies static for a backdrop, if you don't want the modal to be closed when the user clicks outside of the modal
B.It closes the modal when escape key is pressed; set to false to disable
C. It shows the modal when initialized
D.Using the jQuery .load method, injects content into the modal body. If an href with a valid URL is added, it will load that content

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