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Angular JS Quiz 2 | Englishfreetest.com

  • Times: 20 minutes
  • Number Questions: 10 Question
  • By: englishfreetest.com

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    A. double braces like {{ expression}}
    B. single braces like {expression}
    C. small bracket like (expression)
    D. capital bracket like [expression]
    A. It is an inbuilt service used to make ajax call to get the server data.
    B. It is the Http protocol
    C. It generates hyper text mark up language
    D. None
    A. Model View Control
    B. Model View Controller
    C. Main View Controller
    D. Main View Control
    A. ng-model
    B. ng-app
    C. ng-controller
    D. None of the above
    A. Element
    B. Attribute
    C. Comment
    D. All of the above
    A. Application Module
    B. constant
    C. value
    D. factory
    A. orderby filter orders the array based on provided criteria
    B. orderby filter is used to filter the array to a subset of it based on provided criteria
    C. Both of the above
    D. None of the above
    A. ng-app directive defines and links an AngularJS application to HTML
    B. ng-app directive indicates the start of the application
    C. Both of the above
    D. None of the above