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Tenses Practice 7 - English Tenses Practice

Tenses Practice 7 - English Tenses Practice.

Here's the exercise number 49 about English tenses. It's to practise the English tenses.

You can also review the list post about English tenses in here.

Finally, click here to "Test" for start practice exercise .

Content test:

A."were cleaning up"
B."had cleaned up"
B."was checking"
C."had been checking"
B."were broken"
C."were breaking"
A."can't have thought"
B."couldn't have thought"
C."mustn't have thought"
A."stretching their legs"
B."were stretching their legs"
C."had been stretching"
A."hadn't finished"
B."was finishing"
C."had been finishing"
A."might was"
B."might have been"
C."couldn't have been"
B."had been digging"
C."was digging"
A."Had they fed"
B."Were they feeding"
C."Had they been feeding"
A."would come"
B."had been coming"
C."were coming"
A."didn't used to"
B."didn't use to"
C."had used to"

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