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What comes next (the bill) | B2 – Upper-Intermediate

Here's the exercise 'What comes next (the bill) | B2 – Upper-Intermediate' about B2 – Upper-Intermediate. It's practise the B2 – Upper-Intermediate.

You can find more to the lesson and more exercises. B2 – Upper-Intermediate, English grammar in here.

Finally, click here to "Test" for start practice exercise .

Content test:

A.I've forgotten my wallet at home
B.I've left my wallet at home
C.I've abandoned my wallet at home
D.I've quit my wallet at home
A.let me to pay later
B.permit me pay later
C.allow me to pay later
D.grant me to pay later
A.leave my watch as a present
B.leave my watch as a token
C.leave my watch as a gift
D.leave my watch as a deposit
A.you don't really like the thought
B.you don't really like the concept
C.you don't really like the idea
D.you don't really like the belief
A.take me the money
B.bring me the money
C.carry me the money
D.gain me the money
A.I'm holding up your trade
B.I'm holding off your trade
C.I'm holding on your trade
D.I'm holding in your trade
A.you're being very indistinct
B.you're being very unclear
C.you're being very unfavourable
D.you're being very unreasonable
A.collect the manager
B.call the manager
C.deliver the manager
D.present the manager
A.of course I'll wash the dishes in the kitchen
B.inevitably I'll wash the dishes in the kitchen
C.understandably I'll wash the dishes in the kitchen
D.indubitably I'll wash the dishes in the kitchen

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