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Test 3-Expressing Hypothetical Meaning | Upper-Intermediate English

Test 3-Expressing Hypothetical Meaning | Upper-Intermediate English.

Here's the exercise 'Test 3-Expressing Hypothetical Meaning | Upper-Intermediate English' about Intermediate English grammar. It's to practise the Intermediate English grammar.

You can also review the list post about English grammar in here.

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Content test:

A.Jacob wishes he didn't buy that car.
B.Jacob wishes he hadn't bought that car.
C.Jacob wouldn't buy that car.
D.Jacob wouldn't have bought that car.
A.had become / could have earned
B.had become / would can earned
C.would become / could have earned
D.had become / could had earned
A.will not turn/will call
B.does not turn/call
C.does not turn/will call
D.will not turn/call
A.wore/wouldn't hurt
B.had worn / wouldn't have hurt
C.wore / hurt
D.would wear/wouldn't hurt
A.Garry wouldn't have had a cat allergy.
B.Garry wishes he hadn't had a cat allergy.
C.Garry wishes he didn't have a cat allergy.
D.Garry wouldn't have a cat allergy.
A.If only Sandra moved to Paris a year ago.
B.I wish Sandra moved to Paris a year ago.
C.I'd rather Sandra didn't move to Paris a year ago.
D.I'd rather Sandra hadn't moved to Paris a year ago.
A.becomes/will shoot
B.became/would shoot
C.would become/shoots
D.will become/will shoot
A.I wish Kurt left his job.
B.I'd rather Kurt had left his job.
C.I'd rather Kurt hadn't left his job.
D.I would like Kurt left his job.
A.had had / would travel
B.had had / would have travelled
C.had had / had travelled
D.would have / had travelled
A.Paul wishes he had a million dollars.
B.Paul would have a million dollars.
C.If Paul had a million dollars.
D.Paul wished he had had a million dollars.

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