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Test 2-Present Tenses | Upper-Intermediate English

Test 2-Present Tenses | Upper-Intermediate English.

Here's the exercise 'Test 2-Present Tenses | Upper-Intermediate English' about Intermediate English grammar. It's to practise the Intermediate English grammar.

You can also review the list post about English grammar in here.

Finally, click here to "Test" for start practice exercise .

Content test:

A.have been travelling
B.has travelled
C.are travelling
A.is reading
C.has read
D.has been reading
A.has already been writing / has been checking it out
B.already writes / is checking it out
C.has already written / has checked it out
D.has already written / has been checking it out
A.try / have overslept / am making
B.have tried / have overslept / am making
C.try / have overslept / make
D.try / oversleep / am making
A.is / has been
B.is / is being
C.is being / is
D.has been / is
A.travelled / never was
B.has travelled / has never been
C.travelled / has never been
D.travels / has never been
A.has quarrelled / has stopped / always ignores
B.am quarrelling / stops / has always ignored
C.quarrel / has stopped / is always ignoring
D.quarrel / stops / is always ignoring
A.is leaving / haven't bought
B.leaves / haven't bought
C.will leave / didn't buy
D.has left / haven't bought

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