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Test 2-Idioms meaning | English Idioms and Phrases

Every language has its own idioms and expression and the English language has plenty of phrases that is useful to learn. Idioms are words or phrases that aren’t meant to be taken literally and usually have a cultural meaning behind them. Most of the English idioms you hear are offering advice’s but also contain some underlying principles and values.
Here's the exercise 'Test 2-Idioms meaning | English Idioms and Phrases' about English Idioms and Phrases. It's practise the English Idioms and Phrases.

You can also review the list post about English Idioms and Phrases, English grammar in here.

Finally, click here to "Test" for start practice exercise .

Content test:

A.Hocus Pocus
B.Long in the Tooth
C.Dark Horse
D.Add insult to injury
A.Off On The Wrong Foot
B.Sixth Sense
C.Knock On Wood
D.Start From Scratch
A.A penny for your thoughts
B.Excuse my French
C.Go Down Like A Lead Balloon
D.Third time's the charm
A.Cry Over Spilt Milk
B.Pull the plug
C.Rise and Shine
D.Zero Tolerance
A.Get Your Walking Papers
B.Smell A Rat
C.A Picture Paints a Thousand Words
D.In The Heat Of The Moment
A.Hit The Hay
B.Cock and Bull Story
C.Nest Egg
D.Live High on the Hog
A.Off On The Wrong Foot
B.Flash In The Pan
C.Go Down Like A Lead Balloon
D.A Fool And His Money Are Easily Parted
A.Third time's the charm
B.Your Guess Is As Good As Mine
C.Use Your Loaf
D.Dropping Like Flies
A.Pull the plug
B.From Rags To Riches
C.Go For Broke
D.Have an Axe to Grind
A.Dark Horse
B.Cut to the Chase
C.A hot potato
D.In The Heat Of The Moment

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