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Test 1-Word order | Intermediate English

Test 1-Word order | Intermediate English.

Here's the exercise 'Test 1-Word order | Intermediate English' about Intermediate English grammar. It's to practise the Intermediate English grammar.

You can also review the list post about English grammar in here.

Finally, click here to "Test" for start practice exercise .

Content test:

A.Tom a lot of people invited.
B.A lot of people Tom invited.
C.Tom invited a lot of people.
D.Tom invited of people a lot.
A.I think you should never put this T-shirt on.
B.I think you never should put this T-shirt on.
C.I think you should put this T-shirt never on.
D.I think you should put never this T-shirt on.
A.The blue whale is the biggest animal on Earth
B.Is the biggest animal on Earth the blue whale.
C.On Earth is the biggest animal blue whale.
D.The biggest animal on Earth the blue whale is.
A.We don't often go to the cinema.
B.We often don't go to the cinema.
C.We don't go often to the cinema.
D.We don't go to the cinema often.
A.Scott drives to work every day.
B.Every day to work Scott drives.
C.Scott every day drives to work.
D.Every day drives Scott to work.
A. I can to the swimming pool go with you.
B.I can go to the swimming pool with you.
C.Can I go to the swimming pool with you.
D.To the swimming pool can I go with you.
A.You would like some coffee?
B.Some coffee would you like?
C.Would like you some coffee?
D.Would you like some coffee?
A.John doesn't often go to the theatre.
B.John often doesn't go to the theatre.
C.John doesn't go often to the theatre.
D.Often John doesn't go to the theatre.
A.A federation is Australia of six states.
B.A federation of six states Australia is.
C.Australia of six states is a federation.
D.Australia is a federation of six states.
A.Is how far your town from here?
B.How far your town from here is?
C.How far your town is from here?
D.How far is your town from here?

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