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Sentence completion - Test 5 | Exercise follow Topic

Here's the exercise 'Sentence completion - Test 5 | Exercise follow Topic' about Exercise follow Topic. It's practise the Exercise follow Topic.

You can find more to the lesson and more exercises. Exercise follow Topic, English grammar in here.

Finally, click here to "Test" for start practice exercise .

Content test:

B.were interrogating
C.being interrogated
D.were being interrogated
A.shall not betray
B.shall not betrayed
C.do not shall betray
B.was received
C.had received
D.would receive
A.to making
B.to make
C.to made
B.was caught
C.has caught
D.would catch
A.reverberate, performed
B.reverberated, performed
C.was reverberated, performed
D.reverberated, was performed
A.love, kill
B.loved, killed
C.was loved, was killed
D.had loved, had killed

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