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Practice Spotting Errors Online Test 5 | Englishfreetest.com

  • Times: 20 minutes
  • Number Questions: 10 Question
  • By: englishfreetest.com

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  • Test content
    A. The penultimate month
    B. of 2016 seems to
    C. have astonished
    D. many US watchers.
    A. Starting with Republican nominee
    B. Donald Trump’s surprise win
    C. over US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,
    D. it’s been amazements all along.
    A. The foreign policy of
    B. nation witnesses
    C. radical change when
    D. an ‘outsider’ steers it.
    A. This unprecedented
    B. step rattled
    C. China and triggered
    D. off a war of words.
    A. With its rising economic clout,
    B. democratic reforms were initiated
    C. in the 1980s, which led to the first-ever
    D. direct presidential election in 1996.
    A. The seeds that lay dormant thus
    B. far for want of heat, now
    C. sprout forth with the help
    D. of the Sun's heat.
    A. The religious importance of
    B. havans (sacrificial fires) along
    C. with chanting of
    D. mantras is well-established.
    A. Ghee is poured into the fire to
    B. keep it going, and the havan
    C. generates a feeling of
    D. goodwill and well-being.
    A. It makes the point that fear of
    B. political displeasure will not
    C. prevent Patel from making public
    D. his professional views on vital matters.
    A. Giving that message is as vital
    B. as the sense on interest rates,
    C. in the interest of the
    D. RBI’s institutional image.