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Practice Spotting Errors Online Test 2 | Englishfreetest.com

Here's the exercise 'Practice Spotting Errors Online Test 2 | Englishfreetest.com' about Practice English - Exercises and tests.

Practice English - Exercises and tests

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The following page contains links to different English exercises. It includes mainly links to:
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- Clauses
- Other grammar points
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- Basic English vocabulary
- Thematic vocabulary
- Idioms
3. Global English tests.

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Content test:

A.because the boarding and lodging charges
B.I could not put up in a hotel
C.were exorbitant
D.No error
A.We discussed about the problem so thoroughly
B.on the eve of the examination
C.that I found it very easy to work it out.
D.No error.
A. to me
B.Rahul is Often coming
C.on Sundays
D.No Error
A. Pakistan has for the first time admitted to the presence
B.of India?s most wanted terrorist, Dawood Ibrahim
C.on its earth, but has said that
D.No error
A.Her argument was that the term ‘fake news’
B.allows the debate to be framed as
C. it remains a ethical and social one.
D. a textual problem, while
A.Several people were killed
B.to stay clear from electricity transmission lines
C.by lightning strikes, having been caught in the open
D.or having ignored warnings
A.got drowned in the Pacific Ocean.
B.An Indian ship
C.laden with merchandise
D.No error.
A.No error
B. of travel agencies and tourism companies
C.travelling became very pleasant
D.and hassle-free
A.As he had taken
B.only a few sips
C. left in the glass.
D. there was still little water
A. Once appointed by the President
B. the council of ministers
C.as responsible
D. to the house

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