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Practice Quiz 90 | C1 – Advanced

Here's the exercise 'Practice Quiz 90 | C1 – Advanced' about C1 – Advanced. It's practise the C1 – Advanced.

You can find more to the lesson and more exercises. C1 – Advanced, English grammar in here.

Finally, click here to "Test" for start practice exercise .

Content test:

A.have you being
B.have you been being
C.have you been
B.had visited
C.have visited
A.It’s high time we visit this place.
B.It’s high time we had visited this place.
C.It’s high time we visited this place.
A.to get up
B.getting up
C.get up
A.You needn’t to explaining it again.
B.You don’t need to explain it again.
C.You didn’t needed to explain it again.
B.been attended
C.have attended
A.John said that the professor was explaining those rules.
B.John said that the professor had explained these rules.
C.John said that the professor is explaining these rules.
A.The professor said that she’ll correct her mistakes.
B.The professor said that she would correct her mistakes.
C.The professor said that she has corrected her mistakes.
A.She said that when he arrived she had already prepared everything.
B.She said that when he arrived she has already prepared everything.
C.She said that when he had arrived he had already prepared everything.
A.Katherine said that her parents had known that she had missed that lesson.
B.Katherine said that her parents knew that she missed that lesson.
C.Katherine said that her parents have known that she had missed that lesson.
A.He said that they were criticized her sharply.
B.He said that they had been criticizing her sharply.
C.He said that they have criticized her sharply.
A.She asked me if they had been ignoring him.
B.She asked me if they were ignoring him.
C.She asked me if they have been ignoring him.
A.My wife asked me what’ in the box.
B.My wife asked me what has been in the box.
C.My wife asked me what was in the box.
A.The lady asked me what kind of job it was.
B.The lady asked me what kind of job was it.
C.The lady asked me what kind of job it has been.
A.Who does this business belonging to?
B.Which does this business belong to?
C.Who does this business belong to?

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