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Practice Para Completion Online Test 5 | Englishfreetest.com

  • Times: 20 minutes
  • Number Questions: 10 Question
  • By: englishfreetest.com

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    A. However, some thoughtless people are against this because they don't care for human life
    B. Logically, each side cites the aspects of the case, likely to have the greatest impact on uncommitted public opinion
    C. Then, it may be a better idea to make use of the findings of similar research in other countries
    D. Animal rights activists, on the other hand, believe that they should never be subjected to experiments
    A. In most of the job applications people tell lies or they pretend that they have passed all the subjects in examinations that they’ve failed
    B. Almost everyone who applies for a job these days must expect to attend an interview but whether or not they should have curriculum
    C. Companies are employing professional assessors to find out in the course of interviews whether candidates can substantiate their claims
    D. Many people prepare some documents related to their past before a job interview
    A. The Aboriginal people know there is a long way to go before they win back their land
    B. The huge rock, in the centre of Sydney, is of great importance to them
    C. They are leading a luxurious life in their palaces in the biggest cities of the country
    D. However, when the first white settlers arrived in the 18th century and stole their land, many Aborigines died fighting to protect it
    A. A lot of children like watching horror and action movies including violence
    B. Such movies as Harry Potter, The Ice Age. Shrek and Finding Nemo are among the films the children in the USA enjoy watching
    C. Today even cartoons and animations have violence in them
    D. An example is the effect of the movie “The Deep Hunter”
    A. These native people of Canada, the United States, and Mexico want to teach their children the old ways, their history and culture
    B. However, they can easily adapt to technological improvements
    C. Written literature kept on the computer is the way they prefer rather than teaching orally
    D. Because they even borrowed from others’ cultures via internet
    A. A man working in a steady job and looking forward to a pension at the end of it has no right to expect very high rewards
    B. The financial rewards the famous actors receive for the sacrifice they do cannot be calculated
    C. Pop stars today enjoy a style of living which was once the prerogative only of royalty
    D. Most of the singers well-known all around the world say that they feel lonely because people ignore them
    A. Rather than improve the quality of our lives, such items detract from it by wasting our time and money
    B. The descriptions of these items . suggest that they, too, will help improve the quality of our lives by providing convenience, comfort, and / or shortcuts to improve our appearance
    C. Unfortunately, some of these clever items that claim to save time might actually end up making us waste time
    D. All these items, whether they are designed to help us in the kitchen, comfort us in the bathroom, or improve the way we look and feel, are for the most part unnecessary