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Common Phrases and Responses (2) | B2 – Upper-Intermediate

Here's the exercise 'Common Phrases and Responses (2) | B2 – Upper-Intermediate' about B2 – Upper-Intermediate. It's practise the B2 – Upper-Intermediate.

You can find more to the lesson and more exercises. B2 – Upper-Intermediate, English grammar in here.

Finally, click here to "Test" for start practice exercise .

Content test:

A.I need a vacation.
B.I think we should hang it up to dry.
C.Sure, let's watch a movie together.
D.My hands are full right now.
A.Yes, I'll hang on.
B.Don't let go of me.
C.I have to hold onto my puppy or she'll run away.
D.Surely, I'll take that.
A.Yes, I need more room.
B.Yes, I feel we should focus on globalization more.
C.I hope so.
D.I'd appreciate that.
A.They had a break-in last week.
B.Yes, they're so cute together.
C.Yes, they're getting married.
D.Yes, unfortunately, they can't fix their problems.
A.It was very difficult to read that training manual.
B.Last week when I was reading the bulletin board.
C.I drove across a beautiful bridge yesterday.
D.I went to the barbeque yesterday.
A.I'm going to give them new, designer towels.
B.Her fiance, I think.
C.Her father, of course.
D.She's going to wear white.
A.Math is my favorite subject.
B.I'd appreciate that, thanks.
C.I don't want to do inventory this week.
D.I hate using cash registers.
A.Yes, he decided to buy the house anyway.
B.Yes, his parents are very happy.
C.Sure, go ahead.
D.He'd like that a lot.
A.You should stop in after work.
B.It's possible that I left it at work.
C.I'm ready for a change.
D.I answered an advertisement in the paper.
A.Yes, I'd like that.
B.Maybe, if possible.
C.Yes, Ron and Sue stopped by.
D.Yes, they're coming over at 6 pm.

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