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You play chess very well, I think you should ________ (to take part in) the school competition.

A.go on
B.go back
C.go ahead
D.go in for
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:In this sentence we are given the definition of one of four phrasal verbs ‘to take part in’. The phrasal verb ‘go in for’ has some meanings: (1) ‘to do something regularly, or to enjoy something’ (I don’t go in for surfing much.); (2) (BrE) ‘to take part in a competition, or to take an examination’ (She went in for the exam.); (3) (BrE) ‘to choose something as a subject of study or as your career’ (I am sure that she’s planning to go in for politics.). The second meaning of this phrasal verb suits the test sentence, thus, we are to choose ANSWER 4 (go in for) in the test.

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