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You _______ (always / to talk) too loud!

A.always talk
B.are always talking
C.have always talked
D.are always talked
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:Besides some usual uses of the Present Continuous (to talk about (1) events which are in progress at the moment of speaking or (2) temporary states which are true around the moment of speaking, (3) about future arrangements) we often use the present continuous with the adverbs of indefinite frequency always, constantly, continually and forever to describe events which are regular but often not wanted:Elena’s always calling me early in the morning.; It’s always raining in London.; Carolina is great! She is always laughing. But sometimes we use the present continuous to criticise someone’s annoying habits and when we want to show that something happens too often and we don't like it: She’s forever being late!; He is constantly slurping his coffee!; Why is it always raining in Bogor?

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Test 1-Present Tenses | Intermediate English

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