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Women's boxing is yet to be recognized as an Olympic support,----. If that happens the dream of most of the tough girls may come true.

(A) The International Boxing Association has been campaigning to include it as an event in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
(B) Though boxing is a very tough sport many women are seen willing to take up professional boxing now a days.
(c) Even some state governments are now willing to employ the women pugilists.

A. Only A
B. A and C
C.Only B
D. B and C
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:The first sentence says that women's boxing has not been recognized as an Olympic sport. Sentence A follows with the idea that the IBA is campaigning towards including it in the 2008 Olympics. Taking up boxing as a profession or getting a government job as mentioned in sentences B and C cannot be a great 'dream' to be fulfilled which is the idea stated in the last sentence.

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