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Which of the following can be used by Fiona to further establish that Linda need not be correct in her reasoning?

A. A nationwide survey found that doctors, especially experienced ones, are more prone to the belief that they could not possibly be carrying pathogens.
B. It is reported that around 50,000 people die every year in our country from hospital-acquired infections.
C.Compulsory hand cleansing is strictly adhered to by all doctors and nurses before every major surgical procedure.
D.During a study, doctors handling newborn babies self reported a hand cleansing rate of 90?.
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:Look for differences across the answer options to identify what is being tested in the sentence.
Linda’s argument has a cause-effect relationship and a comparison element as well.
The causal argument is that the safety of women (or low mortality among women) is dependent on the hygiene awareness among the doctors.
The comparison element is that women today are better off than the women in the 1800s.
If Fiona is to question Linda’s argument, she has to establish that one of these two (the causal and the comparison) relationships do not actually hold true. This is the
reason that Fiona’s argument tries to establish that awareness is not enough. Mortality is also affected by the actual practices of the doctors.
To further weaken Linda’s argument, the correct answer Option must extend this discussion or question whether women today are actually better off than the women
from the 1800s.

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