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We all know that the Earth ________ (to be) round.

A.has been
B.is being
D.is be
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:Generally, we use the present simple to describe the present activities or to talk about routines or habits. But also we use the present simple tense when we talk about general and universal truths and laws of nature: The moon orbits the Earth.; The Earth turns 360˚ every day.; The oceans are deep and cold.;Antarctica is covered with ice.To form a declarative sentence in the Present Simple, we need the subject of the sentence(e.g. I, you, he, a dog) and the verb (e.g. be (in the present form), talk, swim): the subject + the verb (present form).Therefore, we are to choose ANSWER 3 – ‘is’: ‘We all know that the Earth is round.’ that states the universal truth.

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Test 1-Present Tenses | Intermediate English

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