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Waterproofing a flat metal roof for the winter months can be a painful and time-consuming process. First, one has to sweep all of*^*the debris off of the roof and then wash all of the dirt and grime off of the surface of the roof so that the sealant adheres properly.*^*Once all debris is removed and the water has dried, one can began to apply the sealant. It is best to pick a warm, sunny day to*^*seal a roof and it is important to check the weather to make sure rain is not expected in the few days following the sealing*^*process. Most sealants can be applied with a paint roller. The first layer should be applied in one direction; for example, north to*^*south. Once the first layer is completely dry, the second layer can be applied in the opposite direction. Once these layers are dry,*^*more coats can be applied, if necessary. The roof is now ready to make it through the rainy season without any leaks.*^*This paragraph is about: .......

A.How to paint a roof
B.Good weather conditions
C.How to wash a roof
D.Waterproofing a flat, metal roof
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