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Tim is being very rude. If I _______ (to be) him, I _______ (to say) those things.

A.were/wouldn't say
B.were/didn't say
C.would be/wouldn't say
D.would be/didn't say
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:We can use the second conditional for present situations that are imaginary, not possible, but the meaning in this case is present, not past.For the second conditional we use the following formula: CONDITION if + past simple, RESULT would (not) + infinitive without 'to'. We use the short form ''d' and 'wouldn't' in spoken English and in informal written English. We often use the expression 'If I were you, I'd...' to give personal advice. Here: I think Tim should not have said those things. Many people use 'was' instead of 'were' in this expression. Some people think that it is incorrect.

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