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The threat perception level in Andhra Pradesh remains very high and available intelligence points to the presence of fundamentalist groups, and cash flows with foreign links. ------ To meet the challenge of terrorism successfully, these issues need to be addressed with a sense of urgency.

(A) All these need to be watched, monitored and analysed thoroughly if dastard, terrorist attacks are to be prevented.
(B) A greater coordination among various wings of the state police and regular exchange of information and intelligence with the central agencies acquire importance in this exercise.
(C) The success of anti-terrorism strategy depends on the strength and credibility of counter-intelligence.

A.Only A
B. A and B
C. A and C
D.Only C
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:'All these' in statement A refers to the fundamentalist groups, cash flows, etc. mentioned in the first statement. These should be watched and monitored carefully in order to prevent terrorist attacks. Thus statement A has to follow the first sentence. Statement B which talks about yet another strategy to prevent terrorist attacks follows statement A and precedes the last statement which summarizes the paragraph by saying that these issues (i.e. The issues mentioned in statements A and B) should be addressed with a sense of urgency. Therefore statements A and B make a coherent paragraph with the first and last statements. C can follow the last sentence but not precede it.

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