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Two thirds or even more of the world's polar bears will disappear by 2050 due to shrinking summer sea ice, even under moderate projections caused by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
Course of Action:
I. We should control environmental pollution by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and make people aware of effects of greenhouse gases through media.
II. Shift the polar bears to the other parts of the world, like Antarctica, where thick layer of ice is available.

A.If only I follows.
B.If only II follows.
C.If either I or II follows.
D.If neither I nor II follows.
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:As the cause for extinction of polar bears is green house gases, we should reduce that. So, I is a proper course of action.
Shifting of all the polar bears is not feasible and also the environment may not be suitable for them. So II is a not a proper course of action.

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