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Statement: These considerate and pampering coaches can also cane their players.

I. People with conceited ideas are generally not expected to cane and pamper their players.
II. It is good if a coach knows to cane and pamper his players.

A.if only assumption I is implicit.
B.if only assumption II is implicit.
C.if either I or II is implicit.
D.if neither I nor II is implicit.
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:The coaches are considerate and pampering. This implies that the coaches are soft-hearted and listen to the player's problems and view-points. But they can also cane. This implies that they can also punish sometimes. From the above analysis, we can infer that considerate people may not generally punish others. This inference is made because the author has used the word 'only'. Therefore neither (I) nor (II) is an assumption..

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