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Black fume emitted by the vehicles and the factories is causing rapid increase in air pollution which in turn is causing rapid temperature rise in cities.
Courses of Action:
I. The authorities should set a limit for the emission levels of the harmful gases for vehicles and factories and should take measures to implement it.
II. The government should try to reduce the number of vehicles on roads by improving the public transport system and make the people aware of it and also should not allow the factories to be built in or near the cities.

A.If only I follows.
B.If only II follows.
C.If either I or II follows.
D.If neither I nor II follows.
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:Course of action I assumes that there is no such kind of rule at present. So, I is not a proper course of action.
By improving the public transport system we can reduce the emission of black fumes as there will be less number of vehicles and also not allowing the factories to be built in and near the city would reduce pollution in the city.

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