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'Some men are definitely intelligent, others are definitely not intelligent, but of intermediate men, we should say, 'intelligent'? Yes, I think, so or no, I shouldn't be inclined to call him intelligent.'
Which of the following reflects the intention of the writer well?

A.To call men intelligent who are not strikingly so must be to use the concept with undue imprecision
B.Every empirical concept has a degree of vagueness
C.Calling someone intelligent or not depends upon one's whim
D.There is no need to be as indecisive as the writer of the above
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:The Writer clearly states in the last part of his statement, that he should or should not be inclined to call him intelligent. The only option, which reflects that intention, is the first option and thus is the answer.
Option B is wrong because we cannot generalise all empirical concepts to be vague on basis of this and it is irrelevant also. Option C and D are also vague.

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