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Rita, an accomplished pastry chef who is well known for her artistic and exquisite wedding cakes, opened a bakery one year ago and is surprised that business has been so slow. A consultant she hired to conduct market research has reported that the local population doesn't think of her shop as one they would visit on a daily basis but rather a place they'd visit if they were celebrating a special occasion. Based on your judgment, which of the following strategies should Rita employ to increase her daily business?

A.making coupons available that entitle the coupon holder to receive a 25% discount on wedding, anniversary, or birthday cakes
B.exhibiting at the next Bridal Expo and having pieces of one of her wedding cakes available for tasting
C.placing a series of ads in the local newspaper that advertise the wide array of breads
D.moving the bakery to the other side of town
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:This is the only option that would encourage people to think of the bakery as a shop they would visit regularly and not just on special occasions.

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