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Our guide showed us a(an) ______ _______ ________ ________ (water/old/gloomy/high) tower.

A.gloomy old high water
B.high gloomy old water
C.gloomy high old water
D.water old high gloomy
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:When more than one adjective comes before a noun, the adjectives are normally in a particular order. Adjectives which describe opinions or attitudes (e.g. lovely, amazing) usually come first, before more neutral,factual ones (e.g. red, green): A girl was wearing a lovely green dress. Not: … green lovely dress.It is very unusual to have more than three adjectives in front of a noun. But if it is so, the most usual sequence of adjectives is the following: 1. general opinion (good, bad, lovely, strange, nice, important,etc.), 2. specific opinion (We only use such adjectives that give a specific opinion to describe particular kinds of noun: (a) food: tasty; delicious; (b) furniture, buildings: comfortable; uncomfortable; (c) people,animals: clever; intelligent; friendly.), 3. size (big, small, tall), 4. physical quality (thin, rough, untidy), 5.shape (round, square), 6. age (young, old, babyish), 7. colour (blue, green, pastel), 8. origin (Dutch,Japanese, northern), 9. material (metal, wood, plastic), 10. type (general-purpose, U-shaped, bedroom,four-sided), 11. purpose (folding, swinging, work, racing).Therefore, in the test sentence ‘Our guide showed us a(an) ______ _______ ________ ________(water/old/gloomy/high) tower.’ we should choose ANSWER 3: a gloomy (1. general opinion) high (3.size) old (6. age) water (9. material) tower.

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