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Male Vanity is no different from female's ------ in Face, a confident man no longer shies away from stating his deep interest in beautifying his appearance.

(A) Western cosmetic houses have spent millions of dollars researching this: men want to look amazing too.
(B) Today's urban male spends as much on beauty products as his female counterpart.
(C) It is perhaps the fastest growing market segment of the feel good, look good industry.

A. A and B
B. A and C
C.Only C
D. All the three
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:The opening sentence talks about 'male vanity'. The last sentence states that he doesn't 'shy away' anymore. Hence we need something in between to make it more coherent. In fact, the opening and the last sentence along with all the three given choices make a complete paragraph as the idea of feel good, look good expressed in C is followed by the interest shown by man in the final sentence.

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