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It is appropriate to compensate someone if you have damaged his or her property in some way. This is called Restitution.Which situation below is the best example of Restitution?

A. Jake borrows Leslie’s camera and the lens shatters when it falls on the ground because he fails to zipper the case.When Jake returns the camera, he tells Leslie that he will pay for the repair.
B.Rebecca borrows her neighbor’s car, and when she returns it, the gas tank is practically empty. She apologizes profusely and tells her neighbor she will be more considerate the next time.
C.Aaron asks Tom to check in on his apartment while he is out of town.When Tom arrives, he discovers that a pipe has burst and there is a considerable amount of water damage. He calls a plumber to repair the pipe.
D.Lisa suspects that the pothole in her company’s parking lot caused her flat tire. She tells her boss that she thinks the company should pay for the repair.
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:Jake damaged Leslie’s camera while it was in his possession and he has agreed to compensate Leslie for the cost of the repair.

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