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If you can't give every student a computer, at least give them a mouse each. ----- This seems to be the reason behind Microsoft Research Lab India's development of a software solution that allows the use of multiple mice in a computer.

(A) According to a recent study, it was seen that at least five students worked on a single computer in government schools.
(B) This will help them use the same computer simultaneously for the cost of a few extra mice.
(C) Each mouse will have a different cursor color and all of them are displayed on the monitor.

A. A and B
B. Only A
C. Only B
D. Only C
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:The opening sentence introduces us to the idea of using multiple mice in a computer. Sentence B tells us its benefits have been the reason for the development of this software by the Microsoft. This has nothing to do with the statistics given in A. Sentence C defines the product and hence can follow the last sentence.

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