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Firemen were __________, ready to act.

A.turning over
B.putting in
C.throwing out
D.standing by
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:stand by - 1. to do nothing to help someone 2. to keep a promise 3. to be on somebody's side and support them 4. to be ready to do something. throw out - 1. to get rid of something 2. to expel somebody from a school or organization. 3. to reject an idea or suggestion. 4. to spread something into the air. turn over - 1. to pass something to someone such as company or project 2. to use land etc. for a different purpose 3. to earn a certain amount of money 4. to change channel on a TV 5. to turn over a page means to go to the opposite side. put in - 1. to install 2. to make efforts 3. to interrupt somebody by inserting a remark

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