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Climate change and an increasing population could trigger a global food crisis in the next half century as countries struggle for fertile land to grow crops and rear animals. ---- Competition over sparse resources may lead to conflicts and environmental destruction, the scientists fear.

(A) To keep up with the growth in human population, more food will have to be produced world wide over the next 50 years than has been during the past 10,000 years combined, the experts said.
(B) But in many countries a combination of poor farming practices and deforestation will be exacerbated by climate change to steadily degrade soil fertility, having vast areas unsuitable for crops or grazing.
(C) The warnings came as researchers around the world convened at a United Nations-backed forum in Iceland on sustainable development to address halve hunger and extreme poverty by 2015.

A. A and B
B.Only B
C. Only C
D. None of these
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:The first sentence talks about how a change in climate and increasing population could lead to a food crisis. Statement A which talks about the opinion expressed by experts about how the growth in population will require increased production of food grains follows the first statement. Statement B which talks about the various factors which degrade soil fertility and leave the soil unsuitable for growing crops ideally precedes the last statement which talks about the consequences which this is likely to lead to. Therefore only A and B form a coherent paragraph along with the two given statements. C which can conclude the paragraph, can follow the last sentence but not precede it.

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