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Choose the sentence with the right word order

A.Scott drives to work every day.
B.Every day to work Scott drives.
C.Scott every day drives to work.
D.Every day drives Scott to work.
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:The standard word order in affirmative sentences is the following: SUBJECT + PREDICATE + object + adverbial modifier. Thus, 'Scott' is the subject, 'drives' - the predicate, 'to work' - the object, 'every day' - the adverbial modifier of time (how often). We often use a noun phrase as a time adverbial. Adverbial modifiers are normally placed at the end of the sentence after the object, although adverbial modifiers can be placed at the beginning of the sentence before the subject. Thus, two formulas are possible:1) Subject + Predicate + Object + Adverbial modifier of time OR 2) Adverbial modifier of time + Subject + Predicate + Object.

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