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Although the share of agriculture in the overall GDP has declined from around 40 per cent in 1980- 81 to below 20 per cent in 2006-07, its importance to the Indian economy can hardly be over emphasized. -------- In the context of ensuring food security and promoting inclusive growth, strategies to revitalize agriculture has become highly relevant.

(A) Fiscal deficits as a proportion of the GDP have come down but are still high by global standards.
(B) Infrastructure deficiencies can hold back further grown in the agriculture sector.
(C) Recent Volatility in agricultural production has had its impact not only on economic but on price stability as well.

A.Only A
B. B and C
C.Only C
D. A and B
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:The opening sentence highlights the importance of agriculture in the Indian economy. Sentence C follows emphasizing the fact that volatility in agriculture production can have various undesirable impacts. Hence we have to revitalize agricultural field and this is the idea given in the last sentence. The other two sentences talk about 'fiscal deficits' and infrastructure deficiencies in the agricultural sector which are irrelevant in the given context.

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