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A Guarantee is a promise or assurance that attests to the quality of a product that is either (1) given in writing by the manufacturer or (2) given verbally by the person selling the product. Which situation below is the best example of a Guarantee?

A.Melissa purchases a DVD player with the highest consumer ratings in its category.
B.The salesperson advises Curt to be sure that he buys an air conditioner with a guarantee.
C.The local auto body shop specializes in refurbishing and selling used cars.
D. Lori buys a used digital camera from her coworker who says that she will refund Lori’s money if the camera’s performance is not of the highest quality.
Answer and Feedback
Feedback:Choices a, b, and c do not describe situations in which a product is guaranteed. Only choice d reflects a situation in which a seller attests to the quality of a product by giving the buyer a promise or assurance about its quality.

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