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Idioms - English Grammar - English Free Test

I) An Introduction

Combination of words that has a figurative meaning .Meaning Of Idioms cannot be understood by refering an english dictionary.

For example, " easygoing "An English dictionary would explain that "easy " means simple, not difficult ", and that " going " means traveling from one place to another. Thus you could literally translate easygoing as meaning the path from one place to another is not complicated or physically far, by adding together these dictionary meanings. But this interpretation is NOT CORRECT. Idiomatically, we mean that such a person's personality is warm, friendly, pleasant, and helpful.

  • A piece of cake
    Meaning: Easy, simple to do, no difficulties.
  • A drop in the ocean Meaning: A very small part of something.

Idioms and Their Meanings.

  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder
  • Meaning: You love a person more when they are away.
  • Et tu, Brutus?
  • Meaning: Apparently the last words of Julius Caesar.
  • Brand spanking new
  • Meaning: A new or unused object.
  • Break a leg
  • Meaning: To wish good luck.
  • Cat bird seat
  • Meaning: To be a vantage point.
  • Chew the fat
  • Meaning: To talk about unimportant things.
  • Clear as bell
  • Meaning: To be understood clearly.
  • Cold Turkey
  • Meaning: To quit something abruptly and experience severe withdrawal symptoms.

II) Examples

*Blessing in disguise
Something good which isn't recognized in the first instant.
Eg.Getting out of the place was a blessing in disguise for me.

*A doubting Thomas
A skeptic person who needs a tangible evidence to believe.
Eg.My boss is a doubting Thomas, there is no point trying to convince him.

*A dime a dozen
Something that is available in plenty and commonly.
Eg.Such bags are available dime a dozen on Fashion Street.

*A leopard can't change his spots
You can't change who you are.
Eg.It's true a leopard can't change his spots, but he sure can change his strategy.

*Against the clock
A hectic dash or running against time.
Eg.Finishing the paper was a race against the clock.

*Cry wolf
To intentionally give a false alarm.
Eg."Stop crying wolf, or else no one will come to your help in case of need."

*Devil's advocate
Someone who takes a position in an argument without knowing the truth. Or someone who counters the argument without believing in it.
Eg.He is just playing devil's advocate. Don't fall for the trap.

*Turn over a new leaf
Changing for the better
Eg.After Ajith was released from prison, he decided to turn over a new leaf and become an honest man.

*Hit below the belt
To act in an unfair matter
Eg.The candidate of the opposition party spread false rumours about the Minister. People felt that he was hitting below the belt.

*Gift of the gab
The ability to speak well
Eg.The ability to speak well